F1 Puppy Pictures!



F1 Labradoodles

One of the primary benefits of an F1 Labradoodle is that they have a coat that is easy to care for. They tend to shed more than a multigeneration Labradoodle, but you do not have the maintenance (matting and/or hair trimming) needed on MultiGens. You get a puppy that has the great qualities of a Labrador Retriever and the smarts of a Poodle. We believe the health testing that is required by the ALAA helps to ensure that we are breeding the best of the two breeds. The testing rules out almost all of the genetic problems that can be found in puppies. If you find puppies for less, you may find that the parents are not tested to the same standard that we test. It is our goal to provide the best to you! We have found that there are many breeders of F1's, but not many that go through the certification process of the ALAA. Our puppies live in our home with us and are not out in a kennel. They have become part of our family and as each one leave, it is both a happy and sad event!



We are excited to be one of the few breeders that are breeding F1's professionally. In general these dogs will shed, being a first cross, but they have wonderful temperaments and they are very durable dogs. Both Penny and Jolly passed the hip tests with excellent and good. Of course we love our MultiGen dogs, but there are some qualities that the F1's have that the MultiGen's don't. First of all, their coats are very easy to maintain. We often get as many inquires like "What kind of a dog is that?" as we do with our MultiGen's. They are very cute with their wild hair-do. If you are an outdoors person, the F1's hair does not matt and dries quickly. Although F1's do shed, this litter in particular has very little shedding from their coats at this time.


What you can expect from us: