Signature Labradoodles - Adoption Information

Signature Labradoodles Pet Pricing

Multi Generation Australian Labradoodles - $2800

Puppy Information

Puppies from Signature Labradoodles are bred to achieve the best temperament we can find. Males and Females from this breed of dogs exhibit very similar qualities and temperaments. Please be open to either sex when asking for your new pet... this will shorten the length that you might expect to wait for a puppy from Signature Labradoodles. This will also help us to place puppies based on the type of lifestyle you might have from the questions asked in our puppy application. We take pride in matching puppies up with families based on temperament, activity levels and all of the considerations involved with the adoption.

All of our breeders go through extensive (and expensive) testing. We test most of our dogs to the Golden Paw standards of the ALAA which includes the following tests: Hips, Patella, Elbows, CERF, Thyroid, & Cardiac. Sometimes we miss out on the timing of the thyroid test, because it is quite a challenge to coordinate with our Guardian Homes and our active breeding girls to keep these tests current. Testing when the girls are going through their cycle or when pregnant invalidates the tests. For this reason we maintain our testing at the Silver Paw level. We do these tests to eliminate... as much as possible... that our breeding stock is clear of specific genetic defects. We want to make sure that we are sending you the best, strongest, most healthy puppies that you can find! We back up our puppies with a two-year health guarantee with our puppy contract.

Shipping and Delivery of Your New Pet

We ship puppies all over the U.S. and Canada. You can pick up your puppy at our house... so many options!!! If we ship your puppy by airline, there will be an additional minimum fee of $400, which covers the costs to most destinations. Shipping puppies is perfectly safe, and we work hard to find the most direct flights to your location. Be prepared to drive to the major airport of your region to pick up your new puppy as we would typically frown on layover times where the puppy might be left uncared for by you and me! We will do a vet check before the puppy leaves, and you are required to take your puppy in for a well-puppy check with your vet within 72 hours of receiving him/her.

We also ask that you refrain from taking your new puppy to highly public "dog" areas until he/she is fully vaccinated. Parvovirus and other contagious diseases are definitely a threat to a puppy that has not completed its series of vaccinations. However, the most important phase you should be immediately working on for your new puppy is socialization. It is critical that your puppy is exposed to other people and healthy animals to develop positive social skills at this age! Most all Doodles that we have come across are very laid back and excellent with their friendly personalities... that is one of the main reasons we are breeding these dogs. But any dog that is not properly socialized can have problems with people and other people's pets.

Adoption of a Signature Labradoodles Puppy

  • Please fill out a Puppy Application so we can match the best puppy to your lifestyle
  • We have all of our puppies leave for their forever homes intact with a contract requiring spay/neuter to be done by 6 months of age. If you would like for your puppy to be early spay/neutered when they leave for your home, we have an excellent Vet that is very good with this surgery. Some contracts we have with selected stud dogs may require early spay/neuter.
  • We will provide a vaccination record and instructions of what is needed next.
  • Your puppy will be micro-chipped when you receive it.
  • Your puppy will be registered with the ALAA with a 3-5 generation pedigree.
  • Signature Labradoodles will include a signed contract between you and us including a 2 year health guarantee, and other sales conditions. This contract protects the seller, the buyer and most importantly the puppy!
  • Your puppy will come with a couple days worth of kibble. We feed our dogs a premium food from Life's Abundance. It is the All Stages kibble (not grain-free). We highly recommend you continue to use this kibble, or an equivalent. If you choose to change, take time to gradually change, or there may be digestion problems. To order this food please follow this link: Life's Abundance
  • Signature Labradoodles is committed to providing you with the best support for your Doodle!
  • Deposit and Payment Details

    All deposits are to be in the form of a NON-REFUNDABLE certified check/money order in the amount of $500 made out to AMY LINDGREN. You can also pay by using the PAYPAL buttons below. If using PAYPAL, there are additional charges based on fees we are charged by PAYPAL. Once your application is received and approved and your deposit is received, the money will be used to hold your spot for a puppy based on what you are looking for. Full payments are due when the puppy is six weeks to hold your spot on the current list.

    IMPORTANT: If after you have sent in your deposit you choose not to go through with your plans to purchase a puppy from Signature Labradoodles, the deposit money will NOT be refunded. We do this because people sometimes make decisions to purchase puppies from other breeders if our slots are pre sold. Backing out of a sale at the last minute can cost us the sale of a puppy and additional advertising costs to find a new home. If you cannot take a puppy for any reason in your original slot, we will help you to find another litter of puppies within the next 2 years to utilize the deposit. After that time, your spot and deposit will be forfeited.

    Please feel free to call or e-mail us for more information. We live a busy life full of children and puppies, so the best way to get hold of us is through e-mail. Puppy applications and contracts may be printed and then either mailed or scanned and e-mailed to us.