Signature Labradoodles - Our Boys

Blueberry Cottage Sir Charles "Chuck"

Chuck has quickly become a great little buddy in our house. He is very gentle and absolutely adores Amy. We are excited to add him to our breeding program to bring along our "mini" line. We love how stocky and well proportioned this boy is. His coat is a thick wavy fleece.

  • Australian Labradoodle
  • Size: Mini
  • DOB: 6/15/15
  • Height: 16 Inches
  • Weight: 25 pounds
  • Color: Apricot
  • Coat: Fleece
  • Pedigree
  • Health Testing: OFA Hips rating: Good; Penn HIP: .55 & .49; Elbows, Patellar, Cardiac, Eye Testing ALL Normal
  • Sire: Sugar and Spice Rocky Road ALAA-037958
  • Dam: Blueberry Cottage Night Skye ALAA-034071
  • ALAA-044525
  • Springville's Thor

    Thor is the Third stud boy we have owned and what a wonderful boy he is! Starting with his coat, which is thick and full, slightly curly, and ultra soft and continuing with his body, he has been the perfect stud boy for us. His body is thick and strong, his total conformation is pretty darn near perfect. He comes from a line of red boys, so his litters seem to alway have some of the darker red puppies. His apricot color is very pretty also. He also has the sweetest temperament. He gets along with all of our other dogs. When we get up in the morning, he comes and whines good morning wishes in his husky voice. He comes to us from Springville Labradoodles... Thank you Dixie!

    We hire this boy out for stud and he has been used by Signature Labradoodles, Spring Creek Labradoodles, and NorthStar Labradoodles. He produces beautiful puppies!

  • Australian Multi-Gen Labradoodle
  • Size: Medium
  • DOB: 11/19/12
  • Height: 18 Inches
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Color: Apricot
  • Coat: Fleece
  • Pedigree
  • Health Testing: Dr. Wallace OFA hips rating: Excellent, Elbows, Patellar, Thyroid, CERF ALL Normal
  • Sire: Highlands Very Well "Red"
  • Dam: Living Stream's Cashmire Rose
  • ALAA-030515
  • The pictures and descriptions below come from our friends that have let us hire their studs to sire our current or future litters. They have all been tested up to the ALAA standards.

    Daisy Hill's Trailblazer - "Rorey"

    Here is what Christy, from Daisy Hill Labradoodles has to say about her stud boy:

    Amazing is all I can say! Rorey is stunning! He has a perfect fleece coat with dark red coloring, not to mention he is as sweet as can be. He is adored by his guardian home and is in training to become a certified therapy dog like his grandmother. Rorey reminds me so much of his mother Daisy Hill's Amazing Grace. We expect him to carry on her legacy. Rorey lives with his guardian mom in Mt. Reiner, OR.






    Spring Creek’s Mambo In The Moonlight - “Mambo”

    Here is what Rochelle, from Spring Creek Labradoodles has to say about her stud boy:

    This boy has everything we want in a stud! Temperament! Boning! Coat! Out of this world hip testing! You name it, he has it! He is another boy that comes so incredibly close to perfection with all the qualities we want to see in our dogs. His line has been solid for us and we are excited for him to take it to the next level beginning in 2014! Mambo lives in a guardian home in Eugene, OR.








    Orchard View's Deacon of Bedrock

    Deacon is a stud boy from Bedrock Labradoodles that Maggie let us use to sire a litter with Kesey. Here is what Maggie wrote about him on her website:

    This boy is “all that & more”!  We are SO happy and proud to introduce our newest addition to the Bedrock “Stud Row”!  This boy is from our dear friends at Orchard View Labradoodles and he is such a big ol’ love!!!  He actually thinks he is a lap doggie.  Since he is far from a lap dog, we are continuing to remind him that he must sit on the floor beside us.

    We have already launched his breeding career and he has produced AMAZING puppies!  Please be sure to check out his litters and enjoy watching them grow as they will be stunning puppies.

    He carries all colors and has the most fabulous eyes ever!  THANK-YOU, Kelly at Orchard View Labradoodles, for this “ONE IN A MILLION” Super Dog!


    Spring Creek's Bravo

    Bravo is a stud boy from Spring Creek Labradoodles that Rochelle let us use to sire a litter with Truly. Here is what Rochelle wrote about him on her website:

    Bravo has a huge name to live up to! Named for his exceptional qualities both physically and with temperament, he sports the name of Bravo. His guardian family calls this boy Macduff after the Shakespeare character in Macbeth. He has been giving us some of the most amazing babies with fabulous coats and temperaments.  Bravo hasn’t met a person he doesn’t love, and there hasn’t been a person that has met him that doesn’t immediately fall in love.  He is everything we strive for when breeding and about as close to perfection as we have come!  Lives in Guardian Home in Eugene, OR.


    Seattle's Bentley

    We have fallen in love with a stud boy from Starlight Ridge. Thank you Kami for letting us use this marvelous dog! Bentley is the dog laying down on the left side of this picture. Here is what Kami has to say about Bentley:


    How can we say enough about our big, red boy? It would be impossible to love him more than we do! He is easy going and so, so sweet! True story; when he was a puppy he would fall asleep in the towel we wrapped him in after a bath. We’d just lay him down like a baby all wrapped up. He passes along that tender, trusting spirit t to his pups. We have been beyond pleased with every one of the litters he’s sired. Many thanks to Jan at Shedless in Seattle for this precious gift!