Signature Labradoodles - Payment Options

The Reservation Fee...

The Reservation fee should be sent to Signature Labradoodles for the amount of $500. You can also pay by using the PAYPAL buttons below. If using PAYPAL, there are additional charges based on fees we are charged by PAYPAL. Once your application is received and approved and your reservation fee is received, the money will be used to hold your spot for a puppy based on what you are looking for. The remaining balance is due when the puppy is six weeks old to hold your spot on the current list.

IMPORTANT: If after you have sent in your reservation fee you choose not to go through with your plans to purchase a puppy from Signature Labradoodles, the reservation fee will NOT be refunded. We do this because potential new customers sometimes make decisions to adopt puppies from other breeders if our slots are pre sold. Backing out of a sale at the last minute can cost us the sale of the puppy and include additional advertising fees and boarding costs until we find a new home. If you cannot take a puppy for any reason in your original slot, we will help you to find another litter of puppies within the next 2 years to utilize the reservation fee. After that time, your spot and reservation fee will be forfeited.

Total Cost For A MultiGen Puppy Is $3250

  • Nim and Thor's litter Day 1
  • A Lucy Puppy At 14 Weeks Old
  • A Bella Puppy at 13 Weeks Old
  • A Bella Puppy at 7 Weeks Old
  • A Maggie Puppy at 4 Weeks Old
  • A Maggie Puppy at 6 Weeks Old
  • A Lucy Puppy at 14 Weeks Old
  • A Maggie Puppy at 6 Weeks Old
  • A Bella Puppy at 11 Weeks Old
  • A Maggie Puppy at 8 Weeks Old
  • A Maggie Puppy at 6 Weeks Old
  • Maggie Puppies
  • A Maggie Puppy at 8 Weeks Old

Final Payment and Shipping payment

We ask that final payments for a reserved puppy are made at 6 weeks of age. This allows us to make the final decisions for our puppy picks knowing that the puppy has been paid for in full. This also gives time for checks to clear. Once again, payment can be made by a personal check, or through PAYPAL.

We charge a $600 flat rate for our shipping costs for most of our customers. This cost covers the airfare, shipping crate, the required Vet check, and our time driving and expense bringing the puppy to the airport. We are happy to provide this service and look for the most direct flights possible.

All Payments that are mailed should be sent to:

  • Amy Lindgren
  • 2695 South M Street
  • Springfield, OR 97477
  • PayPal Payment Center

    Reservation Fee (Non-Refundable)

    This is the button to pay a reservation fee for one of Signature Labradoodles puppies. The total cost to pay a reservation fee on PayPal is $515 ($500 plus $15 paypal fees).


    Final Payment For $3250 Puppy

    This is the 2nd or final payment for a puppy that has a full cost of $3250. Press this button to pay $2835 ($2750 plus $85 paypal fees) for your final payment.


    Freight Payment

    This is the button for using PayPal for a normal shipping payment. Press this button to pay $620 ($600 plus $20 paypal fees) for your shipping charges.



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